Fruit Machine Refill Keys Frequently Asked Questions

What Fruit Machines does a Refill Key work on?
A Refill Key will work with the majority of fruit machines in pubs, arcades and service stations across the UK. However Refill Keys will not work with most of the older machines which use tubes instead of hoppers as the payout mechanism (typically these are the older 4 - 10 machines that you see at sea side arcades).

What useful information can you get using a Refill Key?
Depending on the manufacturer of the Fruit Machine the Refill Key will provide you will different information. The table below details which makes of fruit machines provide what information. (this information is general, and may not apply to every machine made by a particular manufacturer).


Hopper Balance

Last Bank

Last Win

Change Volume

Error Log




Bell Fruit  









Project Coin









How can this information help me to win money?
Obviously knowing how much money is in the machine is very useful. For example a fruit machine with a hopper balance of 120 and a last win of 5 (meaning that the machine was full and very likely backing before the 5 win was taken) is a lot more likely to pay out than a machine with a hopper balance of 30 Just ask yourself how often you have put 30 or more down in a machine to find it still isn't full. At the end of the day a Refill Key won't tell you when to play, but will certainly tell you when not to.

Do Refill Keys work on Club Machines?
I personally don't play Club Machines so I can not give a definite answer however I am reliably informed that refill keys do work on the newer Club machines such as Club Psycho Cash Beast.

Do Refill Keys work on 5p play/ 5 jackpot machines?
Refill keys do work on on the newer 5p play and 5 jackpot machines. 

Do Refill Keys work on SWP's (Quiz Machines)?
Unfortunately Fruit Machine Refill Keys do not work on Quiz Machines (SWP's).

How hard is it to use a Fruit Machine Refill Key?

Using a Refill Key is SIMPLE!!! Just look at the picture to the right which shows a Refill Key inserted in to a Barcrest Fruit Machine.

I heard that distributors are changing the locks on the machines, is this true?
I've also heard this, however I play fruit machines in many different locations across the country (arcades, pubs and motorway service stations) and I have never seen any of these new locks. 

I heard that arcades are disconnecting the refill key locks on the machines, is this true?
A small number of arcades/pubs have disconnected the refill key lock to prevent people from using a Fruit Machine Refill Key.

Is a Refill Key worth buying?
Just ask yourself this, how many times have you put 20 in a fruit machine to find out it's simply not ready to pay out? Now think about how useful it would be to know how much money is in the machine and how much the last win was? I'll leave you to answer this for yourself.

If Refill Keys are so good why are they so cheap?
Simple, although a Refill Key can save a gambler 100's or even 1000's they are reasonable easy to produce, often you will find them for sale at 10 or less.

Where can I purchase a Fruit Machine Refill Key from?
Visit our Buy a Refill Key page.

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Page updated 24th August 2015